KeyShot: Your Fast, Easy 3D Rendering Software

Achieve photo-realistic results within minutes of opening KeyShot. Made by designers for designers, the interface is uniquely easy to learn and use.

Even though KeyShot seems simple at first, more experienced 3D professionals will also find the depth of functionality to satisfy their needs.


How KeyShot Works

With a few easy steps, you can create amazing visuals from your 3D models.


See results – instantly.

That’s the power of the KeyShot render engine: Every change you make is instantly updated, so you can evaluate the result within a few seconds. No switching back and forth between render modes, no endless waiting to see what the final rendering will look like. Just sit back and let the final image resolve in front of your eyes.


Light done right.

With just a few clicks, place hyper-realistic lighting throughout even the most complex scenes. KeyShot’s scientific algorithm does the hard work for you.

Stress-Free Syncing

KeyShot was built to connect seamlessly with whichever 3D application you prefer.

  • Native support for 30+ file formats
  • Free plugins with one-click loading
  • LiveLinking keeps your design in sync across applications

Speed Your KeyShot Learning

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our blog and library of videos show you how to harness the full power of KeyShot.


    Spark Your Imagination

    Commercial? Artistic? We have the inspiration in the KeyShot Gallery:

    KeyShot Artists
    KeyShot Brands

    Always connected.

    Always updated.

    No need to worry about versions when you’re always up-to-date. As a KeyShot subscriber, you’ll always have access to the newest version and features, plus you can easily change workstations and manage your license from anywhere.